4MYDJS.com - Featured Model : April 2011
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Mimi Hancock - 4mydjs.com Featured Model April 2011


About Mimi Hancock
Mimi Hancock - 4mydjs.com Featured Model April 2011

My name is Mimi Hancock, I'm a free-lance makeup artist who is determined to achieving my goals in life (do makeup in movies ("hollywood")). I can pretty much do anything- from simple to extreme makeup. I'm mixed with diff ethnicities (dont really know what I'm mixed with since I dont know who my birth parents are.) I weigh 120 lbs- 5'5'' tall, I currently reside in Kansas City, MO. - Well in terms of telling you my personality, the best I can do is remind u that I'm an artist. I see the world through rose-colored glasses, except for when I dont. I alternate between wearing my heart on my sleeve and being extremely elusive and I do both at all the wrong times. I'm very impatient, and have a terrible temper when adequately provoked. Im' slow to trust but I grow to love people very quickly but I dont say it as often as i should. I've built walls of preservation, but once I let that person in, I never make them leave. My forgiveness is endless. I am loyal, generous, strong, but vulnerable, brave, capable, INDEPENDENT but crave support, dramatic but grounded, MOODY, perceptive, loving, compassionate, sensitive, stubborn, quirky, child like but not childish, wisher, hoper, dreamer but always living in reality.

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